Youth Beyond Borders is an idea and a series of activities aimed at increasing the competence and self-esteem of young people so that they can adopt a socially engaged attitude.   As part of this project we have delivered a series of workshops, meetings with mentors and activists operating in public space that inspired project […]

Engaging young people in content creation. Together, we publish a magazine and articles, photos, films and graphics on our website

Free of charge tutoring. In exchange for received knowledge, young people can share their know-how with their peers or teachers, i.e. how to send an email, take a selfie or a snap.

przed|PRACA (pre|WORK) project enables young people aged 16+ gain invaluable work experience while still at school. We help young people find aspirational jobs and placements that are linked to their interests and plans for the future.

Scholarship project for students, enabling young people to gain skills and knowledge sought after by employers.

Individual psychological support for the young people.