We are from Bielsko-Biała. We have set up Let’s Do It to change our local environment for better. We work mainly with the young people and for the young people. But not only.


We deliver social projects and support others in doing so. We have vast experience in this area, having delivered various social projects in the past - in Poland and the UK, award-winning among them.


We firmly believe in social entrepreneurship. We strive to generate profit that at least fully covers our administrative costs. This way, all donations we receive are spent directly on people we support, rather than us. Our work for social good is influenced by many years of experience of working in the private sector, as well as education gained abroad.


We promote the attitude of opennes and togetherness. We are up for sharing our knowledge and contacts. We want to inspire others to act and make their ideas happen. For people to take responsibility for their actions and our common social good.

Would you like to try? Let’s do it!


We support young people in their personal, professional, emotional and psychological development.


We encourage proactive attitude among young people towards culture, social involvement, volunteering and crossgeneration interaction.


We offer scholarships for the young people.


We work towards integration of our local community of Bielsko-Biała.


We create and come up with replicable social business models that can be adapted by social innovators elsewhere. We support social leaders through mentoring, our research and findings as well as networking.


We also support financially other organisations and social leaders, who work towards the same goals as we do.